Choosing A Wax

There are three different LYCON waxing methods – Hot Waxing, LYCOJET-ing and Strip Waxing. The entire LYCON Wax range has grown since it was first launched in 1978 – over 30 years ago. Click here to see our complete range of waxes, PrePost lotions and body care products.


  • For large areas and if hair is long enough, we recommend any LYCON strip wax which can remove hair as short as 2mm.



Bikini lines & underarms

  • LYCON strip wax can be used for the surrounding areas, however, for sensitive areas, we recommend any of our LYCON hot waxes, particularly the 'XXX' waxes -  LYCOtec, LYCOflex, SoBerry, Rosette and SoYummy for their gentleness and soothing properties. For men and those with stubborn hair growth, we recommend Manifico which is exceptionally strong yet without any skin drag.

  • LYCOJET waxes in Desert Rose and Lavender, can be used on these areas also as they effectively remove short, stubborn hair that may remain after waxing. LYCOJET eliminates the need to tweeze.


Eyebrows, lips & face

  • Any LYCON hot wax can be used on the facial area as they contain soothing aromatherapy ingredients and remove hair as short as 1mm. LYCON's creamy formulations with Titanium Dioxide offer extra soothing benefits on delicate areas as well as our famous grip.

  • Areas such as the eyebrows and lips have a variety of different hair growth types and LYCOJET waxes are ideal to use on the short, fluffy facial hair, as well as the stubborn, difficult to remove hair in these areas.


Backs, chests & necks


  • LYCOJET waxes are effective for shorter, stronger hairs on larger areas.


  • When the back or the chest is being waxed, clients often perspire when the wax is removed and this prevents strip wax from gripping the hair well. In these situations, you can switch to hot wax or LYCOJET wax or re-apply LYCON Lycotane in between wax applications to remove perspiration.


Arms & legs


  • For clients that have recently shaved, use LYCOJET to remove the short, coarse re-growth. LYCOJET will also remove hair from difficult areas such as the knees.


Generally speaking, all Lycon waxes can be used on the face and body. The above suggestions are only a guideline and everyone chooses differently depending on the training they have had, the client's hair growth type and personal preferences.

Remember, for best results it is important to use the specified LYCON PrePost waxing products during all waxing.

Should you need any further assistance or information, please contact us, as we are always happy to assist.




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