Strip Waxes

LYCON famous super gentle strip waxes contain a few pleasant surprises — speedy application, extra strong grip, no sticky residue and no skin drag. LYCON professional strip waxes are made from a special blend of the very best natural ingredients that provide a strong grip and remove hair as short as 2mm!

Need help choosing a wax? Check out How to choose the right wax to find the best wax for your salon and your clients’ needs!

The only way to apply LYCON strip wax is very thinly, so less wax is used per treatment. There are a staggering 28 half leg waxes in each LYCON 800g strip wax jar! They contain purposeful aromatherapy oils for their conditioning and soothing benefits, so therapists can ensure total customer comfort and satisfaction even for the most fastidious clients.

LYCOtec Strip Waxes

New generation, high-tech, strong and extra gentle. LYCOtec Strip Waxes apply super thin and are therefore an economical choice. Both contain Titanium Dioxide and Micro Mica for extra gentle and effective waxing. Vegan friendly!