lyco’pedi Paddle

The lyco’pedi paddle is ergonomically designed, comfortable to use and does all the hard work in removing dead skin build up. With a coarse and fine side it’s perfect for a professional smooth finish. The Pedi Paddle can be used on wet or dry skin and is 100% sanitisable. Also recommended for regular maintenance at home for perfectly polished feet!


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Design Features

  • Double-sided
  • Replaceable sandpaper refills
  • Course side and fine side
  • Loop for easy hanging

Directions for Use

  1. First use side 1, then side 2 for smooth & silky feet. For stubborn calluses, before buffing use lyco’pedi Callus Remover as per directions.
  2. After buffing, wash feet and apply lyco’pedi Smoothing Cream, best used daily to moisturise and help rejuvenate tired and dry feet.
  3. To replace the sandpaper, wipe paddle completely dry after use and replace both sides using lyco’pedi Paddle Replacement Sandpaper. If using on clients, replace sandpaper after every treatment. If using on self, only replace once sandpaper becomes worn and ineffective.