Hair Trimmer

Pre waxing

Cordless and compact, this hand-held hair trimmer is the perfect tool for all of your waxing preparation needs. Offering complete versatility with a choice of 4 interchangeable comb sizes, allowing you to select the ideal length and providing you with the freedom to trim and shape with ease!


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Design Features

  • Perfect for waxing preparation
  • Low vibration & noise
  • Detachable blade for cleaning
  • 4 interchangeable comb sizes (3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm)
  • Stainless steel & ceramic blade
  • Ergonomic handle design & compact for travel
  • Includes cleaning brush
  • Battery operated

Directions for Use

  1. Remove battery case cover and insert x2 AA (batteries *not included)
  2. Attach comb in the size necessary for the clients hair length (3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm) by holding both sides of the comb, aiming down and into the slot and then pushing in slightly from the back to fasten into place.
    Note: if comb is installed incorrectly it will be loose and can fall off during use.
  3. Turn on the device by switching up the ON/OFF switch to begin use.
  4. Trim the hair against direction of hair growth, removing the loose hair as you go to avoid affecting the trimming performance. As waxing preparation, do not trim hair shorter than 1cm.
  5. Once all hair is trimmed down to a manageable length, switch the device to OFF and proceed with waxing the area.
  6. To detach the comb, push slightly on each side of the comb until releases.
    Note: do not push combs up or down as this may result in damage to the comb or the device.



  • To avoid fire or electrocution, DO NOT use this product near water or in damp conditions. Always turn off the device if not in use.
  • In the event the device stops working correctly, DO NOT attempt to repair it yourself. Contact the place of purchase for assistance.
  • DO NOT put the device in or near water. Store in a dry place.
  • DO NOT use the device in a shower or bath.
  • DO NOT use chemicals to clean the device.
  • DO NOT remove the spring in the blade by yourself as this may cause damage.
  • DO NOT immerse device in water or use water to clean it.