Italian Professional Wax Heater

For hot & strip wax

Exclusively made in Italy for LYCON. This durable, long lasting heater is the perfect choice for the discerning therapist. The heater has a unique adjustable, easy to control thermostat, which disperses heat evenly and quickly. It is a compact size and easy to clean. Suitable for all hot and strip waxes.


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Design Features

  • 1L capacity (33.814 fl.oz)
  • Temperature dial
  • Thermostat on/off light
  • Internal aluminium wax chamber
  • Chrome spatula scraper (for strip wax)

Directions for Use

  1. Remove lid and fill the metal insert(s) with the hot or strip wax of your choice.
    NOTE 1: LYCON 800ml (27 fl.oz) strip wax jars are heat friendly and can be put directly in the heater without an insert.
  2. Plug into power point and turn regulator dial clockwise to switch heater on.
  3. To speed up hot wax heating, first turn the dial to 10 for at least 30 minutes, depending on how much wax is in the heater. When relatively melted, reduce heat and allow wax to cool to working temperature. For strip wax, heat on 10 until all wax is melted, then reduce heat slightly to maintain working temperature.
    NOTE 2: As all wax melting points vary, it is best to determine the optimal temperature setting for the wax you are using. For hot wax, the working temperature is around 4 on the dial. For strip wax, the working temperature is around 6 on the dial.
  4. To increase temperature, move regulator dial clockwise.
  5. To reduce temperature, move regulator dial anti-clockwise.



  • DO NOT immerse heater in water.
  • DO NOT use heater near water.
  • DO NOT allow water to splash onto heater.
  • DO NOT clean heater with water.
  • DO NOT overfill heater. Fill up to around 2cm from top of insert.
  • DO NOT move heater when it has hot melted wax inside.