LYCOPRO Paraffin Professional Wax Heater

LYCOPRO Paraffin Professional Wax Heater is thermostatically controlled and suitable for LYCON Skin Thermoactive Paraffin Wax. Please read the manual and warranty card carefully before use.


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Design Features

  • 2.75L (92.9 fl.oz) capacity to max line
  • Maximum temperature 70°C (158°F)
  • Suitable for 220-240V, Australian Plug
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Advanced heating technology
  • Moulded from durable heat resistant materials
  • Easy clean surfaces
  • Indicator light
  • Protective clear lid

Directions for Use

    1. Keep heater on flat surface.
    2. Remove the lid, put paraffin wax in heater, then close it with the lid.
    3. Keep lid on when heater is not in use.
    4. Connect the heater to a power point. Turn the switch to setting 10 to heat up the paraffin. Setting 10 is about 70°C (158°F), which is too hot to apply to the skin.
    5. Once paraffin has melted, turn the switch to setting 4.5 to 5 and allow the paraffin to cool down and maintain the working temperature for the paraffin, which is about 50°C. The setting will depend if the lid is on or off. Setting 5 is about 50°C (122°F).
    6. To increase temperature, move regulator dial clockwise.
    7. To reduce temperature, move regulator dial anti-clockwise.
    8. Always test the paraffin wax for a comfortable application temperature before use. How you test the paraffin temperature depends on how you are going to use the paraffin. If you are going to dip the hands or feet into the paraffin bath, you need to test the paraffin by dipping your own fingers or full hand into the melted paraffin. You can also paint some paraffin onto your own hand to check if it feels comfortable before you apply it on the client’s skin. If paraffin feels too hot, you must allow the paraffin to cool down some more, then test the temperature again as explained above, to make sure the paraffin is comfortable to use on the client’s skin.

NOTE:Please see Paraffin Application Tips for more hygienic paraffin use and application.



  • DO NOT immerse heater in water.
  • DO NOT use heater near water.
  • DO NOT allow water to splash onto heater.
  • DO NOT clean heater with water.
  • DO NOT overfill heater. Fill up to around 2cm from top of insert.
  • DO NOT move heater when it has hot melted wax inside.
  • Keep heater away from children.
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